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The high quality of the joints made by the aluminothermic welding using the SNAGA Co. technology, materials and equipment has been proven in the course of the joints both special purpose tests for static strength, hardness, cyclicity, mechanical properties, metal structure and field tests for wearing capacity.

Operating experience of the rail joints welded by the SNAGA Co. ALTW method has shown that the service guarantee providing for the 120-million tons of the processed gross tonnage for the ALTW joints has actually been exceeded almost three-fold, reaching, in fact, the 350 gross million tons (at axle loading of 27 tons). As to the quality of the joints, the results are stable, answer and surpass the appropriate standards and regulations.

The state-of-the art level of the welding is provided owing to the advanced technological decisions that are protected by the Russian Federation patents and utility models certificates. The decisions are intellectual property of SNAGA Group.