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Technology Compliance:

1)   Statement of the CJSC 'SNAGA' Aluminothermic Rail Welding Technology Compliance with the Regulatory Documents of the OJSC 'RZhD' - for the Admission to the Railway of Russia Network;

2)   Rules for the Admission of Organizations to Performing Aluminothermic Rail Welding Works in the OJSC 'RZhD' System".

Process Instructions:

1) The SNAGA Group Aluminothermic Rail Welding Technology by Intermediate Casting Method.

Technical Specifications:

1) Aluminothermic Rail Welding by the Intermediate Casting Method;

2) Aluminothermic Rail Welding by the Intermediate Casting  Method (Alteration 2);

3) Hydraulic Unit AG-1;

4) Hydraulic Cutting Machine SOG-1;

5) Rail-Cutting Machine SR-1;

6) Hydraulic Grinding Machine SShG-1;

7) Metal Cutting Knife NO-1;

8) Moulding Component for the Aluminothermic Welding by the Intermediate Casting Method;

9) The Mould for the Aluminothermic Welding;

10) The Mold Frame;

11) Smith's Tongs KK-1;

12) Small Pincers KM-1;

13) The Crucible Lid;

14) The Crucible Holder;

15) The Crucible Shell;

16) The Crucible Rack;

17) The Appliance to Mount the Crucible with;

18) The Miller;

19) The Big Wedge;

20) The Small Wedge;

21) The Laddle;

22) The Big Molding Trowel;

23) The Small Moding Trowel;

24) The Burner Aligning Mechanism;

25) The Burner Rack;

26) The Compound Rack;

27) The Crow Bar;

28) The Pouring Gate Lock Dressing;

29) Rod F-8;

30) Rod F-12;

31) The Rail Cutting Template.