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Training of Professionals in the ALTW

            The SNAGA Group deems it to be an important condition to successful introduction of the aluminothermic rail welding technology on the railways that welders who are involved in the ALTW works have high qualifications. Therefore,  the SNAGA Group has established the Technical Centers in Moscow and Novosibirsk where the primary training of thermist welders is carried.

            The fortnight training programme provided by the Technical Centers includes theoretical and practical studies conducted by lecturers from the MIIT (Moscow State University of Railway Engineering) and SGUPS (Siberian Transport University) and  by experienced  ALTW instructing technologists of SNAGA Group. After the welders' successfully passing the exams, the Company's instructing technologists will leave for  the OJSC 'RZhD' railroads and for the railway enterprises and contracting firms direct whereat they will each hold a two-week practical training for the welders who have passed the exams. On completion of the practical training, the welders will undergo the  check samples welding and get a Welder in Aluminothermy Certificate, depending on the results of the control welding.

            For  ALTW familiarization and preparation to exams, the Departments 'Welding Technology, Materials Science, Machine Elements Wear Resistance' and  'Rail Track and Track Facilities' of the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) prepared and published in 2008, in conjunction with the  SNAGA Co., a manual entitled "Aluminothermic Rail Welding Technology". Also, the Siberian Transport University prepared and published in 2010, jointly with the SNAGA-SIBIR' LTD,  a manual "Aluminothermic Rail Welding by Intermediate Casting Method As Developed by the SNAGA Co." These manuals deal with the basic rules for metals structure formation when their crystallizing  from the liquid state; the methods of their testing; refer to the rail manufacture steel grades and the welded joints formation principal provisions; analyze factors adversely affecting the quality of welded joints, and describe the aluminothermic rail welding expendable materials, technology and equipment . The Safety Measures Section deals with the basic requirements attached to on-track works and to rail welding by the aluminothermic method.

            Over the period 2000 - 2013, there have been prepared more than 3000 aluminothermic welders, who successfully work on various railroads of the OJSC 'RZhD' (Railways of Russia). During the time of seasonal works, our specialists would go to the railways to exercise the designer supervision over the compliance by the Technical Centers graduates with the ALTW technology where welding is done subject to the Company's methodology. The results of such supervision are taken into account when preparing the training programmes and methodologies for the thermit welders.